Hollywood Celebrities Opt For Cosmetic Dentistry

With so much film, media, and magazine exposure these days, Hollywood celebrities are zero-ing in on making every aspect of their physical exterior an image of perfection. Their smiles are certainly no exception!

Advances in technology over the past years have allowed dentists to create flawless grins for people, while still looking and feeling natural. These celebrity smiles can range from a few thousand dollars for a minor adjustment, to the extreme makeover cases of $50,000 or more for their toothy treasures.

And while some celebrities use their signature snaggle-teeth to their advantage, in most cases their new cosmetic dental work is a vast improvement as they jolt into super stardom. Here are a few examples of some celebrities that had smile makeovers:

(1) Elliot Yamin

Smile Makeover Method: Porcelain Veneers

This past American Idol contestant was once known for two things. An amazing voice, and terrible teeth. Now, with the help of cosmetic dentistry and over $50,000 in porcelain veneers, his career has soared into an oblivion of success. Now, when we see him in his videos and performances, his fabulous voice is accompanied by a celebrity smile.

(2) Miley Cyrus

Smile Makeover Method: Porcelain Veneers

This “Hannah Montana” superstar is idolized by kids and their parents alike. She is considered the next generation of media moguls that is taking our world by storm. Once she began gaining popularity in her show and concerts, she opted to make the switch to a more sightly smile. She is believed to have gotten veneers and a surgery to elongate the teeth and fix the “gummy smile” look.

(3) George Clooney

Smile Makeover Method: Porcelain Veneers, Crowns, and Crown Lengthening

This self-proclaimed lifelong bachelor once made a joke about getting surgery done on his eyes to make him look younger. It seems like his teeth were a more immediate concern for both aesthetic and physical reasons. As quoted by Dr. Abenaim (starmagazine.com), he believes that Clooney was a tooth grinder which was one cause for the actor to seek a cosmetic change. Aside from the veneers, the Dr. also suggests that Clooney had crown lengthening surgery, a surgical procedure done that brings the gumline up to expose more teeth. This work is estimated at anywhere from $30,000-35,000. Now we love you even more Georgie!

(4) Keith Urban

Smile Makeover Method: Porcelain Veneers

Before his days of super stardom and being the arm candy for gorgeous wife Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban’s teeth were far from perfect. Doctor’s believe that Urban had porcelain veneers placed over his choppers to create a far more pleasing effect. He had what dentist’s refer to a diastema, or large space between his teeth. While the veneers have improved his look, his dentist did a good job creating a natural look and left a little signature gap in the front.

(5) Katherine Heigl

Smile Makeover Method: Invisalign

When it came to looking beautiful for her on screen wedding in 27 Dresses, Katherine Heigl didn’t need to do much. For her own wedding, Heigl complained that she did not want to wed withcrooked teeth. She decided to opt for Invisalign, a series of clear, removable aligners that are used as an alternative to traditional metal braces. As of April 2008, 730,000 patients have completed, or are currently in Invisalign treatment.

Dentistry Abroad – Is it Practical?

How Practical is it?

Yes, dentistry abroad is now a practical proposition. There are many places which offer such ‘dental tourism’ – countries include Hungary, Bulgaria and Poland, and Spain is also an alternative; don’t forget Malta which is mainly English speaking. These dental trips may be organised by specialist agencies, with the whole trip being planned and arranged from, for example, England. Most of these agencies have standing arrangements with local dentists and hotels. There may be some local language issues, but in many cases the arrangements are made in English by the agency.

- If there are complications will these be charged extra?
– Is there a guarantee for the work for example, new crowns or veneers guaranteed for up to five years?
– How will any required follow-up visits be dealt with?
– Does the dentist have malpractice insurance?
– Can the dentist provide references (these may sometimes be available on the dentist’s website, if there is one)?
– How many years has the dentist been in practice?

Is it Safe?

In Europe, the professional standards should equate to what might be expected in the UK. The advent of the European Union has meant that for countries within the EU, then a uniform set of minimum standards is set. For countries like Mexico though, then that is a different matter. Undoubtedly there will be some which are better than others. Remember that not all Eastern European countries are members of the EU. Many agencies will carry out a preliminary dental assessment before you travel. Some questions to consider include:

- What anaesthetic will be used?
– How long after treatment will you need to wait befroe travelling home?
– Is the dentist professionally accredited?
– How would emergencies be handled (for example if hospital facilities are required urgently)

Can you save money?

Typically, savings of 50%-70% are quoted on dental work, but to that needs to be added travel (flights, taxis) and accommodation. So, you will need to do your sums. Many agencies offer all-in package deals, but be careful about extras (for example, charges for complications which may arise). However, if you can work this in with a family holiday then that is a benefit.

And Finally

It is practical, generally safe, and can be economic. Most people work through agencies, but for English speaking countries such as Malta, then it is very practical to make all the arrangements yourself. In fact, if you are planning a holiday this year, why not enquire as to the dental facilities where you are going? And, Malta is a terrific holiday destination!

(c) 2010 Phil Marks

British Dentistry and the UK’s Teeth

Parents in the good old days used to give their children 21st birthday presents to be set aside for the prevention of future toothache.  Alas, the practice has died out and as a result people have to keep their teeth for longer. Lack of dentists to treat these older and often “messy” teeth, is of serious concern.
There are mumblings from the government that it is hoping to correct this shortage, but in their lack of response of action, dentists will set their prices higher, to try to cut their work load, and to force the government to act. 

As a counter measure to paying high care treatment we can and should take steps to care for our own teeth. Sticking to the usual regimes of brushing morning and night, and after meals, is well known. But, it can go further than that – you can ask your dentist to explain your teeth and show you on a diagram where your problems may lie in the future. Further enlightenment may be had from the internet. 

Having to pay, will also help you to do the right thing, and can prove effective in self-help and in sometimes getting more treatment than in fact you have paid for. Again, the Denplan is most useful – it provides a contract between dentist and patient with Denplan providing the administration, and as the dentists have their own pricing they might subsidise some patients by charging others more. 

The OFT are urging potential customers to know what they want and be positive in requesting guide prices on treatments and services, and treatment plans with costing, plus alternatives and written plans. There will also be the request for itemised invoices. Research from the OFT stated, that only 40 per cent of all dental practices were publishing guide prices. 

Dentistry and the framework of its system has changed, and to parallel that the NHS has introduced a simpler, fairer charging arrangement. This does not make too much difference to what people will still have to pay to the NHS for dental treatment, as the 500 million pounds they pay remains, but, individual prices may alter. 

There is too, the relationship that NHS dentists have with the NHS. At the moment dentists are paid for the total treatments they carry out, but the NHS is considering remuneration by number of patients/clients they have. If they do this dentists will see more people, but will have less time for preventative and remedial treatment. 

For your guide to private dentistry you can call the OFT on 0870 60 60 321. Private treatment charges are shown in pounds below, although costs may vary depending on the area.  

Consultation                    82

 Examination                   45

 Peridontal care

20 minutes session        45

 Hygienist visit

20 minutes                       30


Small amalgam               50

 Bridge (per unit)            450

 Tooth-extraction            50


Root canal treatment    300


Braces fixed                  750-2500


Single tooth                  1500-2500

If you want to budget the amount you spend on your teeth each month, the solution is to get dental insurance and spread the annual premium over twelve monthly payments. So get online and check out how much a dental policy will cost – could be surprised at the great deals you can find.

Top 3 Vacation Dentistry Destinations in Mexico

Medical tourism is a booming industry. For starters, patients get to travel to exotic locales for their procedures, recover in a gorgeous setting and take advantage of their beautiful surroundings after they’ve rested. In addition, the cost of medical procedures is almost always lower outside the United States. Though medical tourism has long been associated with cosmetic surgery procedures, more people are looking into their travel dental options as well. Here are the top three vacation dentistry destinations in Mexico.

1. Cancun. This popular getaway spot for Americans is also a great choice for dental treatment. Service providers are used to catering to north-of-the-border visitors and, for the most part, speak fluent English, eliminating a potential barrier between patient and dentist. Many of the practices are state-of-the-art and offer everything you would expect to find at home, including cosmetic procedures like whitening to correct tooth discoloration as well as medically necessary treatments like dental crowns and dentures. It’s also perfect for a pre- or postprocedure vacation.

2. Los Algodones. This small town isn’t a resort city, which is why most Americans have never heard of it. Instead, Los Algodones-which is located right across the border from Yuma, Arizona-specializes in medical tourism and especially dentistry. Its many clinics offer high-quality care, including a number of dentists who received higher education in the United States. Because it’s so close to the border, a lot of people forgo an expensive flight in favor of simply driving, which can further reduce expenses.

3. Tijuana. Very close to California, Tijuana attracts a large number of Californians and other U.S. citizens to its dental clinics every year. Like Los Algodones, it’s known for medical tourism in general but dentistry in particular. In addition to being close to the United States (less than half an hour from San Diego), Tijuana dentists boast low prices and easy scheduling. While American dentists may be able to “work you in” within a week or two, patients usually get same-day appointments in Tijuana.


The substantially lower payment for high-quality dental work is one of the top reasons people seek treatment in Mexico. For example, porcelain veneers cost up to 75 percent less just across the border than they do at home, so people who can’t afford veneers at $2,000 a tooth may find them suddenly within their budget in Mexico. Dental insurance costs prevent many Americans from carrying policies, so vacation dentistry can bridge the gap between what patients want (or need) and what they can afford.

Other Considerations

Trying to plan a dental treatment from another country can be tricky, so be sure the clinic you’re considering can give you quotes via email, is available by phone to discuss your procedure and has staff available after hours in case you experience complications. Most importantly, request documentation that confirms the dental staff is fully certified to perform your procedure.

Cosmetic Dentistry – The Best Methods To Perfect Teeth Revealed

What can you get done with cosmetic dentistry? It is a great thing as long as you know exactly what you want. But is it affordable?

Cosmetic dentistry is increasingly popular and that does not surprise me at all. It can do for you much more than ever before. It also has become cheaper but it is still very expensive.

A cosmetic dentist can do many different things but you will have to pay him for that in full. Your insurance will not pay for anything that is cosmetic. That is the bad news. There are some financing companies with attractive insurance quotes on that but at the end you have to pay for it.

The most popular technique is teeth whitening. It works fast and is also the least expensive method in getting better looking teeth. I recommend you get an in-house bleaching at your dentist. He has much better materials than you can get at the drug store. It also works much faster, within a day your are finished.

If you want not only white but also prefect teeth then you must spend more money. You could fill some gaps between your teeth with porcelain veneers for example. But these porcelain veneers can do much more. Actually, you can get a complete smile makeover with porcelain veneers. It costs a fortune though but it lasts ten to twenty years and it is the best solution as long as the dentist makes it right.

Dental implants have also a place in cosmetic dentistry. Today there are implants that are in place within one day. If they carry a new crown then they are the ideal solution for replacing a missing tooth. They look good because they are invisible.

Today a cosmetic dentist has materials that look perfectly natural. He can get teeth replacements that have the same color as your original teeth. Today’s methods are less painful and more durable.